Supplied Breathing Air Sampling

5 simple steps
1. Determine which type of compressed or supplied breathing air system you have.
  • AMBIENT SYSTEM – pump or blower (less than 15 psig)
  • LOW PRESSURE SYSTEM – (15 to 200 psig)
  • HIGH PRESSURE SYSTEM – (greater than 2215 psig) generally fills breathing air cylinders (SCBA) or Air Trailers etc)

The type of air system determines which Breathing Air Sampling Kit you will require. If you don’t know which type of air system you have, please contact us.

2. Call the AirChekLab order desk

at 780-467-0972 to rent a Breathing Air Sampling Kit. All kits include special sampling containers and detailed sampling instructions.

3. Receive the kit!

Once you receive the kit, follow the enclosed instructions to collect your sample.

4. Return the kit!

Return the kit with the fully completed Sample Information Form to AirChekLab.  Courier charges are the responsibility of the customer.

5. Processing

Once the Air Sample Kit is returned to the Laboratory, it will be processed and analyzed.
You will be provided with an analysis report in three business days.